Forticelle™ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Forticelle™ Skin Refinement Series?

A: The Forticelle™ Skin Refinement Series is a patent-pending anti-aging skincare line.


Q: What does the Forticelle™ Skin Refinement Series do?

A: The Forticelle™ Skin Refinement Series helps to improve the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, dry skin and pre-existing scars.


Q: Why is the Forticelle™ Skin Refinement Series unique?

A: The Forticelle™ product line focuses mainly on helping to restore elastin (elastic fibers) in skin.  This approach to skincare is unique as most all products focus solely on exfoliation, moisturization or restoration of collagen in skin.


Q: How do wrinkles develop?

A: Wrinkles are, in part, caused by a loss of and damage to elastic fibers in skin. Unfortunately, our dermal fibroblasts (skin cells) lose their ability to make elastin (the major component of elastic fibers) by the end of puberty.  Hence, we cannot repair or replace damaged elastic fibers in skin later in life, leading to an essentially irreversible formation of wrinkles.


Q: How do we know elastin is involved in wrinkle formation?

A: A lack of elastin or genetic abnormalities affecting elastic fibers in skin, as evidenced in Costello Syndrome, Cutis Laxa and Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum respectively, lead to premature aging most noticeably characterized by wrinkling and folding of the skin in children (pre-teenage) suffering from these illnesses.  Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with collagen in the skin of these children.


Q: How does Forticelle™ solve the wrinkle problem?

A: Forticelle™ products contain small elastin peptides that help restore dermal elastic fibers and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  This technology is patent-pending and currently under peer-review for publication in a leading international dermatology journal.


Q: What makes Forticelle™ peptides different?

A: Forticelle peptides are unique because they contain a very specific sequence of amino acids that allow them to bind to the elastin receptor that then turns on elastin production in skin cells. This is like a lock and key where Forticelle™ peptides are the key and the elastin receptor the lock.  Only the right key fits.


Q: Can the Forticelle™ products make my skin sensitive to sunlight?

A: No, but we recommend using a sunblock after application of Forticelle™ products.


Q: Are the Forticelle™ products waterproof?

A: No


Q: Can I use the Forticelle™ products if I have acne?

A: If you are worried about breaking out, use the Elastin Copper Firming Gel and Elastin Fortifying Eye Cream (for use around the eyes only) for facial skin only.


Q: Can I wear Forticelle™ products under makeup?

A: Yes, but wait 5 minutes after applying Forticelle™ products.


Q: Tell me about any animal testing.

A: None of the Forticelle™ products have been or will ever be tested on animals.